Castlewood Drive Weather

 Latitude  44 59' 40" N    Longitude  84 39' 29" W    Elevation 1315 feet

Weather conditions from Castlewood Drive Gaylord, Michigan, just shy of the 45th parallel in North Central Lower Michigan. This data comes from a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station. One minute data from the station can be viewed HERE.

Official National Weather Service Forecast for Gaylord, Michigan
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Weather Conditions on Castlewood Drive at 11:11p 11/17/17 ( 4:11a GMT)
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature (Main Sensor) 33.7 F Temperature (Secondary Sensor) 34.0 F
Humidity 95% Dew Point 32.4 F
Heat Index 33.6 F Windchill 33.7 F
High Temperature Today 34.2 F Time Of Occurrence 3:51p
Low Temperature Today 21.6 F Time Of Occurrence 3:48a
Precipitation (liquid equivalent; including rain, melted snow and ice)
Precipitation Today 0.21 in Storm Total Precipitation 0.21 in
Current Precipitation Rate 0.12 in/hr Max Precipitation Rate Past Hour 0.12 in
Max Precipitation Rate Today 0.26 in/hr Time Of Occurrence 9:06p
Max Monthly Precipitation Rate 0.35 in/hr Max Yearly Precipitation Rate 82.29 in/hr
Precipitation This Month 2.86 in Precipitation This Year 38.61 in
Direction SE 10-Minute Peak Speed 0.0 mph
Peak Wind Speed Today 10.0 mph  Time of Peak Wind 2:50p
Barometric Pressure
Mean Sea Level Pressure 29.668 in Pressure Tendency Falling Slowly
Highest Pressure Reading Today 30.263 in Time Of Occurrence 12:00a
Lowest Pressure Reading Today 29.662 in Time Of Occurrence 10:42p
Highest Pressure Reading This Year 30.829 in Lowest Pressure Reading This Year 29.062 in
Solar and Lunar Data
Solar Radiation 0 W/m UV Index 0.0 index
High Solar Radiation Today 100 W/m Time Of Occurrence 2:43p
High UV Index Today 0.0 index Time Of Occurrence ----
Sunrise 7:41a Sunset 5:08p
Moon Phase New Moon

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